Our goal is to empower you to be a more healthy and whole version of yourself
so that you, in your own way, can empower others to do the same.
— Cameron Strouss, RH(AHG), FH
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Chronic Care Consultation Information

Consults involve ONE 2 hour appointment followed by ONE 1 hour appointment and then ONE 30 minute re-check. The goal is to fully understand how you came to where you are today and create an incredibly personalized, comprehensive plan. 

What to expect

You are probably wondering, what exactly does a Clinical Herbalist do? The relationship we have as client and practitioner might be different from what you have experienced elsewhere in the doctor-patient relationship. The model of care we cultivate at Deep Roots means a few things, but above all it means this: I spend time with you, several hours at least, listening to your story in order to put together a complete and thorough picture of ALL aspects of your health - physical, emotional, mental, etc. We will review your entire medical history as well as any recent bloodwork. Our intake form is incredibly comprehensive - you can check out the forms hereI believe wholeheartedly that that is the best way to craft a wellness protocol that's truly individualized, uniquely tailored to you on every level, including how to fit in changes/incorporate medicines into your routine. I prioritize what works for you, no cookie-cutter solutions here.

Real talk: it's not about a client coming to me and expecting a quick "fix me" solution. Its true, sometimes herbs work miracles and all our bodies need is a wee little nudge, but a lot of times it's about the slow, steady work of reshaping habits, ditching those foods you love but you know you're allergic to, swallowing down a strong-tasting formula 3 times a day or drawing big red X's over those extra commitments that stress you out and rob you of your sleep.

When you become a client, we embark on a process of collaboration that enables you to make the little shifts that become big shifts that become transformations. You provide the dedication, willingness to do the work, consistency, and openness to communicate. I offer knowledge, encouragement, resources, herbs, supplements, and provide structure through wellness plans and movement protocols.
In a nutshell, my practice integrates the rich tradition of Western Herbalism with movement and exercise therapies, clinical nutrition and functional medicine techniques. Our protocols focus on: diet and lifestyle changes, supplementing with nutrients, herbal formulas, movement coaching and possibly referrals. Referrals are important because your health journey is not a solitary road, more hands make easy work, and support in many ways can make or break the success of our time together. You can check out my referral page here and my client resources page here.

We will have a few rechecks after your initial appointment. It depends on the severity of your challenges as to the duration of our time together. You didn't get to this place over night and we hope you will be your perfect self as soon as you walk out of my office, but sometimes it takes time. Rechecks serve to adjust your protocol if need be, check in and see how you are doing, if you need resources, support, or a pat on the back!

Fee Structure:

Initial Client Package

  • Initial 1 Hour —      $240                     

  • 1 Hour Check-in —     $150                

  • 30 Minute Check-in —       $65                  

Check Up’s

  • Yearly Check up $120    

  • 30 Minute Check Up   $55

  • 1 Hour Check Up     $85 

30 Minute Sick/Acute Care Appointments


    Returning                                 $55 (and a free tincture)

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Cancellation Policy: If it is necessary for you to cancel or reschedule your appointment you can do so at any time, as long as you provide 24 hours notice. If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice you will be charged for half the appointment's value; if you fail to show up or call you will be charged for the appointment in full. Thank you for your understanding.